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Planting on a Vertical Plane

It stands to reason that you focus more on things that are not down low but right in front of your peepers.  That’s why the most prized space in a grocery store is the shelves at eye level vs. the shelves down low.    

When you plant flowers on the ground they get noticed some but not as much as flowers that are higher, like on a stair stepped slope or a berm.  Imagine standing on a stage and looking out at an audience that is seated on chairs on a flat floor vs. seated on chairs that are on an upward slope.  You can see the faces of the people in the back row.

Flowers and plants at eye level get admired more than the ones planted in the ground.   Hanging baskets have been the most common way of bringing flowers into eye level vision.  They’re pretty but they dry out quickly, are awkward to water and usually need frequent watering.  Vertical gardening is an innovative way of bringing flowers and plants into the forefront of your consciousness.  When that happens, your mood is lifted, stress is relieved and a Zen like atmosphere ensues.  When neatly manicured, thriving, lush vegetation is in your space, it increases your serotonin levels and depletes your cortisol levels.  Sometimes you’re not even conscious why it’s happening but happen it does.

Vertical gardening and living walls are igniting the imagination of designers everywhere.  What’s not to like about splashes of greenery and other colors that generate a calming and peaceful environ. 

There are a variety of ways to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables on a vertical plane.  Also a variety of benefits, but we’re focusing here on beauty.  Flower towers are a great way to get your gorgeous blooms noticed and send shock waves of admiration through all who view them.  Vertical gardening can really dial up the drama and evoke feelings of awe and serenity.

Flower Towers, Polanters, and Vertigardens (which all originate from England),  are a few of the inexpensive ways to plant up some gorgeousness, plus they have an effective watering system that keeps you dry and the flower’s roots wet.