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Filtering Indoor Air with a Vertical Garden

One of the great benefits of indoor plant life is the way it can remove toxins through the miracle of photosynthesis. The plants take harmful toxins in, then act like a natural air filter by pumping out fresh clean oxygen. The plants convert the toxins and turn it into energy for themselves and oxygen for the atmosphere.

Many things found inside a home contribute to Volatile Organic Compounds (paint, glue, cleaning agents, ink fumes etc.). The term VOC's, refers to dozens of common pollutants that are produced by manmade chemicals. Air can be even staler in the winter when a home is usually locked up tight. Daily exposure to this toxic cocktail can breed a disorder know as Sick Building Syndrome. It's characterized by burning eyes and throat, breathing problems, headaches and other allergy-like symptoms.

The good news is, a wall of plants can counteract these detrimental poisons by effectively filtering the contaminants and turning them into pristine oxygen.

It's a clean, dazzling way to display the plants, while also easing the chore of getting them watered. A vertical garden is a magnificent way to draw people in, enchant them with the beauty of the greenery, filter the air, and add to the peace and serenity of your sanctuary.
The more vigorous the plant, the more air it can filter. A few plants that are the most efficient at filtering air are: Philodendron, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Spider Plants and Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, Areca Palm. A well planned vertical garden can feature all of them in one system.

It's watered by an irrigator at the top (hidden by the frame). Water is poured into the irrigator which serves as a kind of funnel that directs the water to channels so that each of the 20 plant compartments get water. At the bottom, (also hidden by the frame) is a water catcher that collects any runoff. The frames come in 3 finishes: oak, walnut and paintable. There is also an option for a frame made from recycled 100 year old barn wood that looks rustic and natural. You can buy these practical and beautiful biological applications by following this link http://verticalgardeningsystems.com/grovert-double-2-bg8s-with-frame-20-plant-cells-p-112.html