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Ten Great Tips for Building a Vertical Garden

1.  Think about how you will water it first, have the irrigation system in place before or right at the time of overall construction. A low pressure dripper system is usually the best way to go.

2.  Make sure wherever you are placing it, there will be adequate light.

3.  The roots of the plant need to have room to grow so choose a system that has adequate depth of soil.

4. If isn't hanging indoors, a water catchment system at the bottom will be necessary.

5.  Remember to fertilize occasionally

6.  Consider a soil moisture aid like peat moss or Soil Moist.

7.  Plan out the plant design, put larger plants at the bottom so they don’t create shade for the smaller ones.

8.  Choose the right plants for the structure you are using, succulents don't need much root space but decorative plants do.


9.  Choose a framework or system that is easy to install

10. Attach it to a wall with brackets or screws that are sure to hold the weight when it’s fully watered